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Hailing from the dimension of Shaka, a dark place of evil arcane and spiritual slavers. The orphan Kaos was able to show a major talent of magic. So by law he was put into the Arcanerous, school of magic where he became professor. He was blessed for some unknown reason in magic by the sinister deity Kaon. Eventually a a student failed to somen a demon correctly, and it broke lose, so Kaos, knowing a little bit of fighting took a spear and stabbed the demon, the demon now enraged by the spear in his stomach, snapped it in half, which released a wave of arcane energy, portelling Kaos into Pointed Heart was a magical artifact that was made in Kaon's name, so now he was enraged and he removed the ability to preform magic completely from Kaos.

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A purple eight-pointed star on a black slab.

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Two-Handed Sword

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